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 17 Feb 2024  237

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Rathod D1,Dachewar-Singam D2,
1 PG Scholar of Kayachikitsa Department, Shri Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur, Maharashtra
2 Professor and HOD Kayachikitsa Department, Shri Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur, Maharashtra

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Date of Publication : 27 Mar 2024

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Karshya means the weakening of the "disease of malnutrition" [Apatarpanajanyavyadhi] resulting from reduced food intake. Rukshanapana (lack of food). Langhan (fasting). Pramitashana (Lack of nutrition). Shoka (sanity). Essentially it is  vataja prakriti. Extreme filtering measures and Nidra (sleep) vegadharana, repressed impulses, many body functions etc. Other causes such as may cause negative effects of Vata. According to Ayurveda Shabdakosh the meaning of  Krusha  is Amedasvi, Durbala, Alpamamsa and Nirmamsa Aahar factors of this disease, Alpashana is especially responsible for  the development of Karshya. Karshya is included in Vataj Nanatmaja Vatavyadhi. 2)) Charak and Sushrut classified it as Raspradoshaja Vyadhi. Karshya is Vata Pradhan Apatarpanajanya Vyadhi. In these diseases, the body gradually loses weight. It is governed by Rasa-pradoshaja Vyadhi. It is the worst health and nutrition problem in developing countries. Aahar is considered an important factor in disease, while Alpashana and Vishamashana are particularly responsible for the development of Karshya. Acharya Charaka explains the symptoms of Karshya very well and also explains in detail its causes such as Aharaja (diet), Viharaja (attitude) and Manasika (mental state). All these causes lead to changes in Vayu, Agni, inadequate production of Rasadhatu and other Dhatus and Karshya. Depending on the clinical location and pathogenesis, Karshya may be associated with severity. If emaciated people are not treated properly, they may experience splenomegaly, cough, weight loss, shortness of breath, gurgling, hemorrhoids, stomach infection, stomach infection, etc. It will improve. In today's medicine, weight loss can be treated with steroids and protein powders as well as a healthy diet. However, overuse of steroids and protein powders can cause serious problems. The same diet plan will not be effective for all patients if Agni is not included. Therefore, it is best to find a safer and better alternative treatment. An excellent diet plan and various medicines complete the treatment of Kasha in the Ayurvedic text Nidanparivarjana. This article describes the Ayurvedic perspective of Karshya, which will help in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

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