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Dravyekar A1,Gulhane J2,Mahulkar D3,
1 PhD Scholar/Assistant Professor , GAC Nagpur/SGT UNIVERSITY
2 HOD and Associate Professor , GAC Nagpur
3 PhD Scholar , AIIA new Delhi

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Dravyekar Ashwini
Ph,D.Scholar Kayachikitsa
Government Ayurveda college / SGT university gurugram haryana

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Date of Acceptance : 22 Feb 2024

Date of Publication : 27 Mar 2024

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The main aim of Ayurveda is to cure the disease and to prevent the disease condition. Ageing occurs when Dosha, Dhatu, Agni starts to demolish. For preventing ageing Dosha, Dhatu, Agni should be maintained. Therapies like Rasayana also helps in preventing ageing. Panchakarma is an important tool for Geriatric care. Yoga and dietary management factors along with medicine helps in Geriatric care.


Ageing is a complex and inevitable process. This process starts before the birth and continue towards the death. By 2050, one fifth of world will be older than 65 years[1]. Rasayana is the branch of Ayurveda which is very helpful in the process of delaying ageing. Rasayana treatment helps in Jaravyadhinashanam[2] Rasayana (rejuvenation) delays Vruddhavastha (ageing) and reduces geriatric degeneration. Vruddhavastha starts from age 60-70 year[3] In each decade one physiological factor declines. So, for delaying ageing process and promotion of health, Panchakarma is an important treatment. In geriatric care preventing disease, promoting health and providing strength and immunity is important.

Many diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson disease, Depression, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Macular degeneration are increasing in old age. According to government of India statistics cardiovascular disorders account for 1/3rd of elderly mortality, Respiratory disorders account for 10% mortality, while infections including TB account for another 10%, neoplasm account for 6%, accident poisoning violence constitute less than 4% of elderly mortality with more or less similar rates for nutritional metabolic gastrointestinal genitourinary[4]


Although ageing is a natural occurrence, everyone struggles with the fact that they don't want to get old. Every situation (regardless of how temporary or prolonged) that causes a disruption in homeostasis is referred to as a sickness in Ayurveda[11,12,13] Since it falls within the category of natural disorders, Vriddhavastha has also been classified as a sickness. These innate illnesses are brought on by nature and rely on kala (time). Examples of natural diseases are thirst, hunger, old age, mortality, and similar conditions[14,15].No one can escape these diseases, but they can be changed. A person can avoid ageing and death if they can successfully overcome the constraints of time via the practise of yoga and samadhi.

Therefore, we must only take into account measures that a typical person and a doctor can follow. In addition, these measures must also be feasible. With these steps, premature ageing can be avoided, the ageing process can be slowed down, this phase can be managed with palliative care, and Vriddhavastha can also be treated with traditional Ayurvedic techniques.
Thus, it is evident that the old Ayurvedic scriptures provide a thorough explanation of ageing, as well as its prevention and cure. The initial step on the road to knowledge acquisition is aptopadesha (textual knowledge). So let us advance in the light of Aptopadesha and extend our assistance to humanity.


Geriatric is an unavoidable phase in every person’s life so proper geriatric care is important for increasing longevity and disease-free old age. Ageing is a normal process because the body is constantly decomposing, as evidenced by the word's etymology, Shiryate Iti Shariram. If the Ayurvedic principles are carefully followed, premature ageing can be completely avoided. Correct food planning can slow down the ageing process because the pathophysiology of ageing is mostly dependent on diet. Palliative care can be used to manage Vriddhavastha. Even better, according to the Swabhavavyadhipratishedhiya chapter of Sushruta Chikitsasthan, it is feasible to treat Vriddhavastha using Rasayana principles. Panchakarma and Rasayana are the two important treatment that should be taken in old age (for disease condition) as well as younger age (for preventing disease condition). Along with proper diet and yoga also helpful. Although simply a conceptual investigation, the data can be applied to a variety of experimental and clinical trials. So, it is concluded that Ayurvedic medicine, therapies, diet, yoga helps in geriatric care.


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