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 27 Feb 2024  229

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Rathod D1,Gulhane D2,Ade 3,
1 Associate. Professor, Kayachikitsa Department, Shri K. R. Pandav Ayurved College, Nagpur
2 Asst Professor & HOD, Kayachikitsa Department, Government Ayurved College, Nagpur
3 UG First year Student, SMAC College, Bhilewada, Bhandara, Maharashtra

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Date of Acceptance : 28 Feb 2024

Date of Publication : 27 Mar 2024

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Ayurveda is a science mainly used for the prevention and treatment of diseases. Acharyas have mentioned their views and treatments for various diseases in  Ayurvedic texts. Ayurveda mentions various concepts and treatments. Sthula, also called  medorog by other Acharyas. They also mentioned  Nidana, Samrapti, Rupa, Upadrava, Chikitsa and Patya Apathya. It is explained as sthulya roga, medrogu as santarpana janya vyadhi, dhatvagni mandhyajanya vyadhi etc. Acharya Charak explained sthulya among Ashtaninditya purushas. The main causes of medroga are the  sedentary lifestyle, stress and eating habits of the modern world for medroga. Modern medrog science explains many theories and concepts. Therefore, it is important to discuss  medoraga according to  Ayurveda.

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