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Year - 2024Volume - 2Issue - 1Pages - 120-125

A role of ayurvedic management in Katigraha w.s.r. to Lumber Spondylosis.- A case study

 03 Mar 2024  136

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Shelar D1,Jamdhade D2,Duddalwar D3,Jamdhade D4,
1 BAMS MD(kayachikitsa), Yawatmal
2 HOD professor , Yawatmal
3 Associate professor , Yawatmal
4 Assistant professor ;Dravyaguna vibhag, Yawatmal

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DMM Ayurved college yawatmal.
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Date of Acceptance : 06 Mar 2024

Date of Publication : 27 Mar 2024

Article ID : SD-IJAY_069

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Katigraha is the most common type of problem the present world is facing. The typical site of pain is the lower lumbar region which expressed as ‘Lumbar Spondylosis'. Lumbar Spondylos is cover’s degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritic changes in the lumbar spine.

Current case study is carried out at L.K. Ayurvedic Hospital, Yawatmal to evaluate the efficiency of ayurvedic treatment. A 63 years old female with history of fall & hip bone fracture &Lumbar Spondylosis. Patient had severe pain in lower back on turning lateral side and difficulty in bending forward with this difficulty in routine work. So she had taken ayurvedic treatment for 1 moth which includes Shaman and Panchakarma chikitsa.

The response to the treatment was recorded and therapeutic effect were evaluated through symptomatic relief. Clinical symptoms were significantly reduced and grade of bending forward      reduced from 4 to 2.

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