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Year - 2024Volume - 2Issue - 1Pages - 60-67

A role of Ayurvedic management in Dakshin Vatakaphaj Grudhrasi w.s.r. to Sciatica A Case Study

 22 Feb 2024  262

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Shrirang D1,Jaiswal D2,Jamdhade D3,Duddalwar D4,
1 PG Scholar, Yavatmal
2 PG Guide and Professor (Kayachikitsa) , Yavatmal
3 HOD and Professor (Kayachikitsa)), Yavatmal
4 Associate Professor , Yavatmal

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Date of Acceptance : 28 Feb 2024

Date of Publication : 27 Mar 2024

Article ID : SD-IJAY_061

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Grudhasi is a painful condition that makes it difficult to perform normal activities due to the inability to sit or walk normally. The pain usually starts in the lower back. It radiates to the sacroiliac joint area. Thighs, calves, feet. Sciatica is a symptom, not a diagnosis. It is caused by irritation of the spinal nerve roots associated with the herniated disc L4-L5 or L5-S1. Ayurvedic Hospital, Yavatmal evaluates the effectiveness of Ayurvedic treatments. A 40-year-old male patient visited our hospital with severe discomfort in his right calf and foot and difficulty walking (Paadshul). So he underwent Ayurvedic treatment involving Shaman and Panchkarma Chikitsa for one month. Response to treatment was recorded and treatment effectiveness assessed through symptom relief. Clinical symptoms decreased significantly, and pain also decreased from 4 to 2. 

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