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Year - 2023Volume - 1Issue - 1Pages - 14-18

A Case Study On Padadari :Gandhak-Coconut Oil Topically And Pittapapda With Nagarmotha Internally

 14 Jul 2023  409

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Khot D1,Dachewar D2,Deshmane D3,
1 3. PG Scholar, Department of Kayachikitsa, Shree Ayurved Mahavidyalay, Nagpur
2 Professor and HOD, Department of Kayachikitsa, Shree Ayurved Mahavidyalay, Nagpur
3 -, -

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Dr. Gauri Ashok Khot1
PG Scholar, Department of Kayachikitsa,
Shree Ayurved Mahavidyalay, Nagpur

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Date of Acceptance : 05 Jul 2023

Date of Publication : 10 Aug 2023

Article ID : SD-IJAY_028

How to cite this article : Khot G.A.Dachewar A.S. A Case Study on Padadari :Gandhak-Coconut Oil Topically and Pittapapda with Nagarmotha Internally. Sanjivani Darshan National Journal of Ayurveda & Yoga.2023;1(1):15-20


The  world is an acronym for integrated science  of the Hatha , Tantra and Ayurveda .Ayurveda involve   ancient practice from india to heal and prevent disease while keeping the body and spirit in harmony . ayurveda principle includes all the physical and mental activities starting from waking up in the morning upto sleep in night .  The patient  of dermatological diseases in the population are rapidly increases .  Padadari disease described in Ayurveda under kshudra- roga  has been first mentioned  in sushrut samhita. it can be correlate with cracked feet .padadari means “Vidar or dari or Cracks or Fissures” in the hands or feet .In person who are in habit of too much walking on rough ground without footwear so vaat dosh get increased and it producing fissure in sole of feet , this is called as padadari . padadari denotes uncleanliness of sole . Ayurveda has mentioned many preparation on such minor conditions as well as oral remedies . gandhak  kalpna is best remedies for padadari when it used with pittapapada and nagarmotha tremendous result occur .

KEYWORDS: Padadari, Kushtha, Vidar
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